Most people are intuitively skilled at evoking a given emotion in another person. You probably have reliable ways of making someone feel anger, surprise, fear, sadness or mirth.  But how do you create the feeling of attraction in another person? To answer that question, first we will develop a working definition of attraction.  I think of attraction as spontaneous movement towards an object.  Iron filings are attracted towards a magnet.  Rainwater is attracted to a valley, a river, and ultimately the sea.  And women are attracted to men who are strong, funny and romantic, flowing towards them.

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The purpose of this book is to show you how to get that flow moving towards you, just as water naturally flows down into the valley. Attraction occurs along a gradient.  Generally, women tend to be attracted to men higher than themselves on the social hierarchy.  Therefore, if you convey higher social status than a given woman, there is a better chance that she will be attracted to you.  You can either have the real determinants of social status - power, wealth and looks - or you can successfully convey the indicators of status.  For men, some of these are relaxed body language, deep tone of voice, measured pace of speech, economy of movement, wit, and general excellence.

  The importance of these indicators cannot be overstressed.  There are many men out there with real status - businessmen, politicians - who cannot create attraction because of their lack of awareness of these indicators.  Conversely, there are men with little or no status who create massive attraction with women by virtue of their mastery of these outward indicators. Generally speaking, the highest status (or dominant) male in a gathering will be the most attractive, and humans are innately programmed to know who this person is.  At work, it’s the boss.  At a restaurant, it’s the manager.  At a speech, it’s the speaker.  At bars, it’s the bartender or bouncer.  At a concert, it’s the performer.  Notice how status depends on location: bouncers and musicians are often poorly compensated and have little power outside of their milieu. 

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Regarding Physical Inhibitions
There are obviously some medical problems that can interfere with female ejaculation, and I encourage frank and open discussions about these concerns with a knowledgeable and open-minded Gynecologist. Should you or your partner have a Gynecologist that says your problems are because all women cannot achieve female ejaculation, that it is because it is a myth… find one that is a bit more up to speed with the times! 

Female, Physical, Sexual Responsiveness Issues-

Nerve damage caused by a hysterectomy or c-section~ This is a difficult situation for any woman to find herself in. Loosing one’s ability to be sexually stimulated due to nerve damage (numbness) is sometimes very difficult to overcome. Again, I always recommend discussing options with a knowledgeable and open-minded Gynecologist to assist in such matters, but here are a couple of alternative suggestions as well~ 
Acupuncture- Scars and nerve damage can be treated with acupuncture. To explain a bit of how it works here is a brief synopsis- The basis of Acupuncture is that the body has an energy force running throughout it. This energy force is known as Chi (also spelled Qi, and roughly pronounced "Chee"). The Chi consists of the spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical aspects of life. A person's health is influenced by the flow of Chi in the body. If the flow of Chi in the body is insufficient, unbalanced or interrupted (such as an incision from surgery), the body’s flow of energy becomes unbalanced, and in this scenario a lack of sex drive and other issues may occur. 

There are a few theories as to how acupuncture can assist-

The Augmentation of Immunity Theory-
By some unknown process, Acupuncture raises levels of triglycerides, specific hormones, prostaglandins, white blood counts, gamma globulins, opsonins, and overall anti-body levels. 

The Endorphin Theory-
Acupuncture  stimulates  the  secretions  of  endorphins  in  the  body (specifically  Enkaphalins).  The "Neurotransmitter"   Theory   states   that   certain   neurotransmitter   levels (such   as   Seratonin   and Noradrenaline) are affected by Acupuncture.

The Circulatory Theory-
Acupuncture has the effect of constricting or dilating blood vessels. This may be caused by the body's release of Vasodilaters (such as Histamine), in response to Acupuncture. 

The Gate Control Theory-
According to this theory, the perception of pain is controlled by a part of the nervous system, which regulates the impulse, which will later be interpreted as pain. This part of the nervous system is called the "Gate." If the gate is hit with too many impulses, it becomes overwhelmed, and it closes. This prevents some of the impulses from getting through. The first gates to close would be the ones that are the smallest. The nerve fibers that carry the impulses of pain are rather small nerve fibers called "C" fibers. These are the gates that close during Acupuncture. 
There are many Acupuncturists in the U.S. today. Acupuncturists are licensed independently in most states while some states require you to be a Medical Doctor to practice Acupuncture. If you do decide to receive the therapeutic effects of Acupuncture, I not only recommend finding out their credentials, but also make sure that they are compatible with your personality. Like a doctor or therapist, you should feel as though you have a good rapport and have trust with your Acupuncturist. 

Massage - Scars and nerve damage can also be treated with massage. To explain a bit of how it works here is a brief synopsis-  People who have regular massage often report sleeping improvement, more regular   bowel   movements,   larger   handwriting,   and   increased effectiveness of medications. In addition to increasing blood flow and assisting in cell regeneration, massage also improves circulation and nutrition of the joints and can increase joint range of motion and flexibility.  Massage  therapists  use  a  variety  of  passive  motion exercises and resisted stretches, which allows for your body's rigidity and stiffness to be gently challenged as your body is reacquainted with healthy and normal movements. In addition to stretching the muscles,  and  assisting  in  cell  regeneration,  moving  the  body stimulates the production of synovial fluid in the joints (for healthy joint   lubrication   and   pain-free   movement)   and   re-sets   the proprioceptors (neurons that sense where the joint is in space) in those joints that are stretched. So now you know that it not only feels good, but also it is really good for you. You and your partner can partake in some massage, or you can go to a professional and treat yourself to a massage, it’s a great way to heal and have pleasure!

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The Breast Orgasm
 The breast orgasm occurs during a peak of stimulation to the breasts. Because breast stimulation often occurs earlier in a woman’s life than vaginal contact, many women become acquainted with this type of 

The nipples connect to the feminine genital nervous system, and many women feel a direct connection with their clitoris when their nipples are being stimulated. It is during this type of orgasm that many women feel uterine contractions that are not as noted during a clitoral orgasm. Most women feel sexual excitement from having their nipples stimulated, however not all have a direct association with their genitals, as this depends on nipple sensitivity. 

What Does It Feel Like? Most women indicate that the orgasm brought about from breast stimulation is a full, slow building, and strong orgasm. Women who have pierced nipples have indicated that if the piercing has not damaged or interfered with the nerve endings in the nipples, that these types of orgasms are quite easily achieved and with great intensity. 

The Oral Orgasm
 This orgasm, while ignored by many researchers does exist. Usually this orgasm occurs in women who are more orally sensitive. Because the mouth is a primary human sensory organ, and is the main source of nurturing and pleasure during our early formative years, it plays a very important role in the sexual nervous system. 
The mouth orgasm can occur during any sensual oral activity, from kissing, licking, sucking, to oral sex. The particular activity that will induce an oral orgasm is more dependent on the individual’s psychological attraction to certain sexual activities, as well as the areas of the mouth that feel most sexually stimulated. This can be on the lips, tongue, and on the roof of the mouth to areas deep within the throat, and/or a combination of oral contacts. 

What Does It Feel Like? Most women have indicated that the sexual stimulation begins in the lips and can spread from the mouth to the genitals, and even the whole body. The intensity and sensations of this orgasm varies from person to person, although many women indicate that there is a tingling, erotic feeling, which builds in the roof of the mouth. 

Myths Of Oral Orgasms It was once thought that women who experienced oral orgasms where simply experiencing them because they were consciously, or unconsciously, rubbing their legs together, thus stimulating their genitals and inducing an orgasm. This argument holds little poignancy when many women have reported that their legs were separated leading up to and during the oral orgasm while receiving no genital stimulation. 

The G-Spot Orgasm
 This orgasm may begin at the g-spot and stay focused there throughout the building and final release of the orgasm, or may expand throughout the body. This orgasm is demonstrated when the g-spot is stimulated and becomes “puffy” and swollen as the tissue surrounding the female Paraurethral/Skenes glands fill with blood during sexual arousal. This results in the tissue becoming firm to the touch. 

What Does It Feel Like? Like the vaginal orgasm, this usually takes longer to build. Because the g-spot is not stimulated as much by friction as it is with pressure. Thus, using a rhythmic, “pushing” against the g-spot is more pleasureful than light rubbing. As discussed earlier, the stimulation of the g-spot increases the fluid build up in the Paraurethral/Skenes glands and thus easily enhances female ejaculation.  This is why many researchers make the error of assuming that this is the only orgasm that will evoke female ejaculation. 

Most women describe this type of orgasm as an intense, deeply sensual pressure that builds until it feels like the entire vagina explodes with ecstasy (often including cum) and usually followed by euphoric energy that spreads throughout entire body. This orgasm, like the vaginal orgasm can release more of an emotional response as it provides women with a sense of being penetrated more than just physically, but in a more vulnerable sense.

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